For the therapeutic sector, we offer two different models, the hydrosun®750 and the hydrosun®575. The two models differ in performance, appearance, weight and size of the field of treatment.


hydrosun®750 - illuminated area at 32 cm distance: 25 cm Ø


hydrosun®750 is very robust with a large treatment field


The hydrosun®750 is available with three different flexible mobile stands or with a compact table top or wall stand. Choose the model that suits you best.


Information on distribution/prices:

Hydrosun Medizintechnik GmbH, manufacturer



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hydrosun®750 T
The compact one

Table top stand
Hight: 40 cm
Net weight: 7 kg


hydrosun®750 FS
Lightweight mobile stand for therapy couches
with flor access space
Large height adjustment: 77-164 cm
Freely adjustable positioning of the device
Base size: 70 x 70 cm
Antistatic caster wheels Ø 50 mm with
2 locking brakes
Net weight: 18,5 kg


hydrosun®750 PP
Mobile stand for non-accessible therapy couches
Large height adjustment: 77-164 cm
For therapy couches with no floor
access space
Base size: 50 x 50 cm
Antistatic caster wheels Ø 75 mm with
2 locking brakes
Net weight: 34,5 kg


hydrosun®750 WS
The space-saver
Swivelling wall arm (180°)
Maximum horizontal radial range: 175 cm,
Height adjustment: 120 cm
Only suitable for solid walls and requires
professional installation
Net weight: 18 kg