Rheumatism and Arthrosis

The application of heat has a long and successful tradition in the treatment of rheumatic conditions.
The deep penetrating wIRA therapy with the hydrosun®575home can be used as particularly effective heat for the following complaints (after consultation with a doctor or therapist):

  • chronic rheumatic inflammations, soft tissue rheumatism, chronic joint inflammations, chronic shoulder or elbow complaints
  • chronic recurrence of pain or restricted mobility in the area of the spine
  • joint diseases due to wear and tear, osteoarthritis of the knee joint, thumb and finger joint, hip
  • shoulder/arm complaints, cervical/lumbar spine complaints, lumbago
  • pain, tension, hardening of the muscles
  • tendonitis
  • fibromyalgia
  • restriction of movement due to muscle shortening
  • warming up before and during physiotherapy or physiotherapy


Prospects of success

Decrease in pain to complete pain-free, increased mobility, general improvement.

Note: The treated part of the body must be relaxed, otherwise the effect may be reduced or non-existent. The best treatment is best carried out in a relaxed sitting or lying position.