Wart treatment

Treatment of papillomavirus-infected warts, including common warts, plantar warts, and plane warts of the epidermis.

What are warts?

Genuine warts (verrucas) are caused by viral infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). Although warts are benign, they are contagious and detrimental.
You can become infected through direct contact or indirectly, e.g. when visiting a swimming pool.

HPV usually causes a benign growth, it likes to settle on areas of skin with poor circulation, such as hands or feet.

These warts include common warts, plantar warts and plane warts on the epidermis. The genital warts are found almost exclusively in the genital area.


How dangerous are warts?

Warts are an annoying but benign skin disease. However, there are places where they can be very painful, such as under the nails or on the underside of the foot. Warts should be treated to prevent them from spreading, but at the latest when symptoms such as pain, bleeding, itching or burning are present, and when the wart causes disability or disfigurement. They are also contagious.


Wart therapy

Although they are widespread, the treatment options of warts are often unsatisfactory. High and reliable healing is difficult to achieve. Sometimes warts soon reappear. Other therapeutic approaches have side and after-effects or are painful or even traumatizing (especially in children). They are also often unsatisfactory in terms of cosmetic results and can lead to scarring.
At Jena University Hospital, dermatologists have developed a painless and effective wart therapy with wIRA.


Prospects of success with wIRA

In the study at the Department of Dermatology and Allergology, University Hospital, Jena, Germany, 72% of warts treated with wIRA disappeared (compared to 34 to control groups).
The wIRA therapy was evaluated as follows: Painless therapy, best cosmetic result, no side effects, no traumatization.

Fuchs et al, German Medical 2004; 2: Doc 08


The effect of wIRA

wIRA causes deep warming of the area around the warts. The positive consequences are improved blood circulation and a local increase in immune defense. There is also evidence that, in addition to warming, wIRA has a direct healing effect and helps the cells to cope with (oxidative) stress. All in all, wIRA is an effective self-help aid for the body. The wart is literally repelled or melted away. The result is scar-free, healthy skin. However, patients need to be patient, as this biological process can take several weeks. The therapy is painless and has no side effects!

Conventional infrared light is unsuitable for the therapy. It heats the skin intensely and has little depth effect.


Treatment with wIRA

At the beginning of the treatment, the warts are softened with a callus-dissolving plaster. This is simple and painless. It takes 2-7 days, depending on the cornification.
Shortly before wIRA application, the loosened parts of the callus are painlessly rubbed of.


The treatment is repeated at certain intervals, with the frequency depending on the size and depth of the warts. In the study from the Jena Skin Clinic, 72% of the warts treated disappeared after the third wIRA treatment. Nevertheless, some warts may not respond to wIRA treatment. The wIRA wart treatment is not covered by statutory health insurance. If you do not have hydrosun®575home to hand, speak to your family doctor, pediatrician or dermatologist.


Please consult your doctor or therapist as this is necessary for the correct diagnosis and implementation of the treatment.

Relaxed wart therapy with wIRA