Rheumatism and Arthrosis

For detailed information on rheumatism and treatment with wIRA, see the PDF below.



  • chronic rheumatic inflammations, soft tissue rheumatism, chronic joint inflammations, chronic shoulder or elbow complaints
  • chronic recurrence of pain or restricted mobility in the area of the spine
  • arthrosis of the knee or hip joint, joint diseases due to wear and tear


Age-related spinal disorders:

  • shoulder-arm complaints, cervical/lower back complaints, lumbago
  • painful conditions, tensions
  • tendonitis
  • pain caused by nerves



Muscle pain, stiffness of the musculature, restriction of movement due to muscle shortening.



2-3 per week to daily 20-30 min. each

Distance equal to or greater than the distance rod.


Note: The treated part of the body must be relaxed, otherwise there will be no or just a low effect. It is best to lie relaxed on a bed or sofa during the treatment.


Prospects of success

Decrease in pain to complete pain-free, increase in mobility, general improvement.

Rheuma Info
Rheuma Info